30 Oct 16 Gliding

The following cadets are selected to glide this Sunday (30 Oct 16). Cadets are expected to arrive at the Gliding site on their own. Please dress for the weather. If you need directions to the Gliding site, you can find them by selecting the “Training” then “Airport Directions” in the above menu bar.

  • FSgt Shamsi, M
  • FCpl Cai, J
  • Cpl Yu, A
  • Cpl Puzon, B
  • AC Baek, T
  • Cpl Li, A
  • LAC Yang, A
  • Cpl Kwon, M
  • AC Kim, D
  • AC Hong, S
  • AC You, Y
  • Cpl Astrab, J
  • AC Hwang, H
  • AC Hwang, J
  • Cpl Cushing, N