2017 Ski and Snowboard Trip

Cypress-mountainThe Ski and Snowboard Trip will be happening this coming Sunday (19 Feb 17) at the Cypress Mountain Ski Area. The cadets listed below have been selected to attend the trip. If you cannot attend, you must let Lt Wong as soon as possible.

Cpl Astrab, J Cpl Lee, J
FCpl Baek, S FCpl Lee, P
Cpl Balsara, D FCpl Li, Y
AC Cai, B FCpl Liu, A
FCpl Cai, J FSgt Liu, C
AC Chan, M FCpl MacLeod , G
Cpl Chen, K AC Park, J
AC Cho, G AC Park, S
WO2 Han, A Cpl Sun, J
Cpl Hua, L FCpl Sun, T
AC Hwang, H AC Tse, C
Sgt Kim, A FCpl Wang, L
FCpl Kim, C FSgt Wang, R
FCpl Kim, J FCpl Wang, T
LAC Kim, S FCpl Wenren, W
Cpl Kwon, M Sgt White, G
Cpl Lau, R Cpl Yang, A

Warning Order and Permission Forms can be found here. Cadets attending MUST print out a copy of the permission form, complete it, and bring it with you when you board the bus on Sunday. Cadets without permission forms will not be able to go on the trip.

There are stillĀ  a few spots remaining, so if you wish to attend please complete the sign up as soon as possible. You will be contacted if you have been selected.