2 May 18 Announcements

754 Phoenix Squadron Closing Parade Announcements

  • Our squadron will be going on an FTX from 11-13 May
  • Sign-up can be found in the sign-up page.
NEW Level 3 Map and Compass
  • Two Map and Compass instructional sessions will be offered on 8-May and 15-May, 1900 – 2100 hrs at the Gym; there are no sign-ups
  • These sessions are offered to Level 3 who still need to complete their PO390, but any cadet interested (Level 3 and up) may attend the sessions for refresher
  • Practical Map and Compass evaluation will be announced soon



Name Tag Orders
  • The last day to submit a Name Tag Order before the end of the training year is Wednesday, May 9.
  • Order form can be found here or posted to the bulletin board in the gym on Wednesday nights.
  Trophy Return
  • Return trophies to squadron office by Wednesday, May 9.
  Hiking and Games
  • The squadron will be hosting a hike and games event at Burnaby Mountain from 0845 to 1600 on May 20, 2018.
  • Meet at LHQ (Port Moody Elementary School) by 0845. Transportation, lunch and snacks will be provided.
  • Sign-ups can be found here.
  Summer Training Offer of Participation
  • List of Offers were posted on the squadron bulletin board; please see the office to pick up your Offer
  • All initial Summer Training Offers have been released to us; there may be spares available to us, but will probably be announced in May
  • Please visit this page for more details on how to fill out your Offer of Participation
  • Your Offers need to be returned completed to the Office ASAP
  H.R. MacMillan Space Center Sleepover
  • The level 1’s and 2’s will be having a sleepover at the H.R. MacMillan Space Center on 25-26 May 2018
  • Sign ups will be posted soon.
  Spring/Summer Gliding
  • Spring/Summer Gliding sign up can be found here.
  High School Credits
  • Completion of some Cadet Training Levels, specialty summer courses, and Duke of Edinburgh awards are eligible for grade 10, 11, and 12 Secondary School Course credits.
  • Complete application form found here and submit to squadron Administration Officer, Lt Chiu.

Weekly Event Preview

  • Band Practice
  • Gliding
  • Parade Night

NOTE: if there are discrepancies, the squadron calendar will be regarded as accurate.