9 May 18 Announcements

754 Phoenix Squadron Closing Parade Announcements

  • All cadets attending the FTX this weekend are expected to arrive at the squadron by 1700hrs on Friday.
NEW Band Competition
  • The Band will be performing at 1445hrs at Minoru Arenas in Richmond. We encourage all cadets not at the FTX to come out and support the band as they showcase what they have been working so hard for all year!
NEW Level 3 Map and Compass
  • Two Map and Compass instructional sessions will be offered on 8-May and 15-May, 1900 – 2100 hrs at the Gym; there are no sign-ups
  • These sessions are offered to Level 3 who still need to complete their PO390, but any cadet interested (Level 3 and up) may attend the sessions for refresher
  • Practical Map and Compass evaluation will be announced soon
Trophy Return
  • Return trophies to squadron office by Wednesday, May 16 at the absolute latest.
Hiking and Games
  • The squadron will be hosting a hike and games event at Burnaby Mountain from 0845 to 1600 on May 20, 2018.
  • Meet at LHQ (Port Moody Elementary School) by 0845. Transportation, lunch and snacks will be provided.
  • Sign-ups can be found here.
Summer Training Offer of Participation
  • List of Offers were posted on the squadron bulletin board; please see the office to pick up your Offer
  • All initial Summer Training Offers have been released to us; there may be spares available to us, but will probably be announced in May
  • Please visit this page for more details on how to fill out your Offer of Participation
  • Your Offers need to be returned completed to the Office ASAP
H.R. MacMillan Space Center Sleepover
  • The level 1’s and 2’s will be having a sleepover at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre on 25-26 May 2018
  • Sign ups will be posted soon.
Spring/Summer Gliding
  • Spring/Summer Gliding sign up can be found here.
High School Credits
  • Completion of some Cadet Training Levels, specialty summer courses, and Duke of Edinburgh awards are eligible for grade 10, 11, and 12 Secondary School Course credits.
  • Complete application form found here and submit to squadron Administration Officer, Lt Chiu.

Weekly Event Preview

  •  FTX
  •  FTX
  • Band Competition
  •  FTX
  • Hawk Flight Bubble Soccer
  •  PO 390 Instructional Session
  • Parade Night

NOTE: if there are discrepancies, the squadron calendar will be regarded as accurate.