10 Apr 19 Announcements

754 Phoenix Squadron Closing Parade Announcements

NEW Sun Run
  • Cadets participating in the Sun Run will meet at Burrard Station at 900hrs. Pickup is at the finish line around 1045-1200hrs, depending on the finish time.
  • Wear appropriate PT gear and your Sun Run shirt. If you don’t have one yet, you will get one before the race starts.
  • Avoid bringing unnecessary items as you will have to carry everything on you unless you pay $5 to to check them in. There is water along the run, and free food and drinks after you finish.
Squadron Activities
  • If any cadet wants to put forth an idea for a squadron activity, please inform WO2 Ko, D.
High School Credits
  • Completion of some Cadet Training Levels, specialty summer courses, and Duke of Edinburgh awards are eligible for grade 10, 11, and 12 Secondary School Course credits.
  • Complete application form found here to submit to the office.

Weekly Event Preview

  • Sun Run
  • Band Arena Practice
  • Band Practice
  • Junior Ground School
  • Training Night