COVID-19 Policy

As you are no doubt aware, the COVID-19 virus is a concern in many areas of the world. While there are minimal effects here in Canada, we must remain diligent. 754 Phoenix Squadron is subject to several directing bodies: the Canadian Forces in respect to our operations and personnel, and School District 43 in respect to our training facilities. As such, we must follow the guidelines that both set down in this important matter.

At the current time, the Canadian Forces has not placed any restrictions on Cadet activities, but asks that we follow protocol for preventing spread of disease by:

  • washing hands regularly with soap and water
  • coughing/sneezing into the elbow
  • staying home from cadets when sick (including colds and influenza)

There are many events coming up in the next few months for 754 Squadron, including Drill and Band Competitions, participation in the Vancouver Sun Run, our Spring Field Training Exercise, the Annual Ceremonial Review, and summer courses at Cadet Training Centres. We hope that none will be affected by the COVID-19 virus, but we will be sure to post updates as we receive them. The safety of cadets under my charge is my highest priority, and we will comply with all future restrictions and regulations, if and when they are enacted.

School District 43 has not placed any restrictions on user groups, such as our Squadron, in their facilities as yet. They have noted that students and staff travelling overseas during the spring break (or at any time) may be subject to 14-day self-quarantines on returning to Canada. I would ask that any cadet families that are travelling in the near future keep this consideration in mind.


Captain D.J. Angst, CD – Commanding Officer, 754 Phoenix Squadron