The cadets listed below have been selected to attend a summer course at various Cadet Training Centres. Offers of Participation will be distributed on Wednesday 11 Mar 20 at the Squadron; these must be read, signed, and returned as soon as possible to confirm that cadets are still available for these courses. A great deal of thought and planning has been placed in selecting these cadets for courses, and if a cadet rejects the summer course offered, it may have an effect on applications in future years, depending on the circumstances.

  • Air Rifle & Marksmanship Instructor – F/Cpl K. Wang
  • Drill & Ceremonial Instructor – F/Cpl A. Mitchell
  • Fitness & Sports Instructor – Sgt M. Chan
  • Survival Instructor – F/Cpl Y. Jang; F/Cpl A. Jung
  • Military Band – Intermediate Musician – F/Cpl S. Peetosutan
  • Advanced Aviation – F/Cpl B. Chen; Sgt R. Zhang-Bai
  • Basic Aviation – Cpl J. Herman; Cpl E. Ly; Cpl R. Peetosutan

  • Basic Aerospace & Technology – LAC S .Baynes; F/Cpl J. Bulan; F/Cpl S. Fan; Cpl N. Kontanist
  • Basic Drill & Ceremonial – Cpl J. Aw-Yeong; Cpl A. Kaminskaya
  • Basic Fitness & Sports – Cpl T. Jia, Cpl Y. Morzhakova; Cpl M. Yang; Cpl A. Ye
  • Basic Survival – Cpl S. Bi; Cpl D. Kachchakaduge; F/Cpl E. Qin; Cpl A. Zhou
  • Military Band – Basic Musician – Cpl E. Cao
  • General Training – LAC L. Angst; LAC J. Bautista; LAC I. Bernardo; LAC E. Chen; LAC A. Desai; LAC J. Hong; LAC M. Izatt; LAC Aid. Kim; LAC E. Kim; LAC Sun. Lee; LAC T. Ly; LAC R. Pu; LAC K. Shi; LAC S. Shi; LAC E. Stan; LAC J. Stan; LAC E. Wang; LAC S. Wang; LAC M. Wong

Any other cadets who applied are on a waiting list for courses, and MAY be considered if our Headquarters asks us for more candidates. As mentioned many times, we take many factors into consideration when choosing cadets for courses; we realize that many will be disappointed but we must ensure that the process is fair for all applicants.