During the summer, the Cadet Program offers Summer Training opportunities for cadets who apply. Transportation, housing, food, and training are provided by the Department of National Defense (DND) at no charge.

Summer training courses are divided into three categories:

  • National Summer Training Course (NSTC). All NSTC applicants will go through a Review Board to be selected for his/her choice of course. In addition, applicants for Glider and Power are also required to pass the aviation exam in order to become eligible;
  • Advanced Training Course. All cadets interested in serving a Cadet Training Center (CTC) as a Staff Cadet will submit an application to our Regional Headquarters for selection; and
  • Non-NSTC courses. All non-NSTC applicants will be selected at the squadron level.

Courses offered can encompass a variety of specialization, where each specialization usually offers a junior and senior course. Passing the junior course can increase your chance to be selected for the senior course, but it is not a requirement. These specializations include:

  • Leadership and Instruction
  • Fitness and Sports
  • Aircrew Survival
  • Music
  • Aviation
  • Aviation Technology
  • Aerospace
  • Marksmanship

Pictures from the various CTC can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Albert Head:


HMCS Quadra:


Cold Lake:


Below is an estimate timeline of all activities relating to Summer Training; please use this as a reference.

Month National Summer Training Staff Cadet Other Summer Training
  • start application for National Summer Training Courses (NSTC)
  • start application for Staff Cadet (SCdt) positions at Summer Cadet Training Centers (CTC)
  • start application
  • start application for all other Summer Training Courses
  • submit NSTC and SCdt applications
  • submit application
  • start application
  • Flying Examination for Glider and Power
  • submit application
  • Review Boards
  • release of initial Offer of Participation
  • release of NSTC results
  • release of Movement Orders
  • Summer Training Briefing for cadets selected and spared
  • potential release of spared Offer of Participation and Movement Order
  • Summer Training Course duration
  • potential release of spared Offer of Participation and Movement Order
  • Summer Training Course duration
  • Summer Training Course duration

Selection Process

(For all non-NSTC courses)

Every year, 754 Phoenix sends numerous cadets to attend summer training at various Cadet Training Centres (CTCs) across the country. While many cadets apply, we are limited to loading the number of cadets based on our quota. Therefore, there will be competition for the more popular courses. To ensure a higher chance of getting selected, you should make sure that:

  • your attendance is being recorded every training night, and that you report any lates or absences to the office (and on the website);
  • you are performing well in your classes and evaluations;
  • you are participating in activities outside mandatory training, including teams and community service events;
  • you are maintaining a high standard of Drill, Dress and Deportment; and
  • your overall behaviour meets or exceeds expectations

Based on the cadet’s proficiency level, he/she will be eligible for the following courses (see reference Annex C – Air Cadet Course Flyer 2019). The following chart shows the course dates (not including travelling days) offered for the specific training year. Please note that we cannot guarantee that you will receive the specific intake that you have requested.

Offer of Participation

The Offer of Participation outlines the activity that a cadet has been accepted to, as well as activity date(s), location(s), and general terms and conditions. For Summer Training, cadets are required to submit the last page on the Offer of Participation to the office. Please read through the following section to ensure that you are filling out the form correctly.

Completed Offer of Participation must be submitted to the Office for processing. Before leaving for your CTC, ensure that you have received your original copy of the Offer of Participation. You are required to bring the original copy to your respective CTC.

NOTE: Do not use any white-out correction on the Offer of Participation forms.

Joining Instructions

Each CTC has their own specific rules and instructions, which are likely highlighted in the Joining Instructions (JI). Each cadet attending summer training is required to read the JI related to their CTC. Typically, the kit list is included, and cadets are to pack clothing according to the kit list. Additional rules may be outlined somewhere in the JI.

Below, you will find the JI for your CTC for the year 2019. If the JI below are not for the current year, you can still use them as reference.

In addition, Staff Cadets for Pacific Region CTCs should use this handbook provided by RCSU (Pac) to prepare for their summer.

Travel Itineraries

A Travel Itinerary is a schedule for cadets travelling to and from the CTC. It includes drop-off location and time, pick-up location and time, method of travel, and additional details. This document must be with the cadet while they travel; however, you are welcome to make copies to keep at home.

Cadets travelling MUST have one piece of Government Issued Identification that matches the name on the Movement Order. Please contact the Summer Contact (to be announced each year) if the names do not match.

Below are the samples of an Intake Movement Order (departure), and Exhaust Movement Order (arrival).


NOTE: if the pick-up and/or drop-off area is Sherman Armoury, you may use the following diagram as a reference:



How do I get my Transport Canada medical examination?

  • As per course requirement, all GPS and PPS candidates must have a valid Category 3 medical issued by Transport Canada when they are on course. Candidates must schedule an appointment with a Transport Canada approved physician by the end of March. This is on to ensure your medical certificate arrives before June. Note that only the selected candidates are required to have one; if you are not selected, you may choose to cancel the appointment with the physician. A list of these examiners can be found on the Transport Canada web site.

Who makes the decision for selecting Summer Training Courses?

  • All NSTC applicants get reviewed and selected by the joint effort of the Air Cadet League of Canada (ACLC) and the Department of National Defense (DND);
  • All Staff Cadet applicants get reviewed and selected by our Regional Headquarters; and
  • All other course applicants are reviewed and prioritized by the squadron staff, and selections are made by the Course Loading Officer at Regional Headquarters.

We cannot meet the drop-off date and time as listed on the Intake Movement Orders, how can my son/daughter reach the CTC?

  • If given enough notice in advance, a request can be made to change the date and/or time so your son/daughter can get to the CTC before the course start. If there is not enough time to make changes and/or you would like to drop them off directly at the CTC, please complete the form Cdt #118 and submit it to your Summer Contact/designate at least 1 week prior to the start of course. Make sure the information in Section C is accurate.
  • A copy of the Cdt #118 can be found in the Pacific Region CTC Joining Instructions, Annex I. Instructions to completing the form is printed on the form. Your son/daughter must then bring the signed original copy to their respective CTC.

Can I pick-up my son/daughter directly from the CTC after he/she is finished the course?

  • Yes, as long as the Cdt #118 is filled out, submitted to your Summer Contact/designate, and brought to their respective CTC. Make sure the information in Section C is accurate.

I am unable to pick-up my son/daughter on the day they are coming back. Can I get my neighbour to pick him/her up?

  • Yes, as long as the Cdt #118 is filled out, submitted to your Summer Contact/designate, and brought to their respective CTC. The authorized person can be anyone you want, as long as they are 18 years and older. Make sure the information in Section D is accurate, and their name matches their picture ID
  • Ensure that the authorized person brings a picture ID when they pick up your son/daughter