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Senior Ground School

In preparation for possible Power Pilot and Glider Pilot Training Courses in summer 2021, we will be conducting a virtual ground school on Thursday evenings, tentatively scheduled to start on Thursday 8 October 2020, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Cadets must be eligible for the Power or Glider courses to register (16 years old as of 1 Jun 2021 for Glider, 17 years old as of 1 Jun 2021 for Power, but not reaching their 19th birthday by 1 Sep 2021).

Cadets interested should email Captain Murray at .

Training Announcements

Level 3&4 Evaluation Workshop

Note that the workshop has been postponed due to emergency facility maintenance. Please continue to prepare your lessons and we will announce a date soon.

All Level 3 and 4 will be assigned a class to teach during the workshop. See below link to what class you have been assigned to. Level 3 are only required to teach a 15 minute lesson, while Level 4 are required to teach a 30-minute lesson.

Copies of the IGs of the classes mentioned can be found below. Use the IGs as a guide for your lesson plan.

You will be marked with this newer version of the rubric. Please familiarize with it before your evaluation.

Training Announcements

2018 CTC Questionnaire

Training Announcements

2017 Level One Workshop

754 Phoenix Squadron

[important]Update: The workshop will be held at Moody Elementary.[/important]

The Level One Workshop is mandatory for all new recruits who have joined this year. The workshop will be held at Moody Elementary School beginnig at 9am, and ending at 4pm on Saturday, November 4. Enter and exit the school through the gym doors only.

All cadets are to be dressed in white dress shirt, black pants, and black shoes. If you have received your uniform, please bring them to the workshop.

Lunch and snacks will be provided, and cadets are welcome to bring their own snacks as well. Please inform Lt Wong if you have dietary concerns and/or food allergies ASAP.

For those who are 13 years or older at the time of registration are eligible to take the Acceleration Test to proceed straight to Level 2. The Acceleration Test will only be held during this workshop, unless otherwise arranged before 1-Nov. Please see study package here.

Training Announcements

2017 Summer Training – Anaphylaxis

A new procedure issued by the Regional Cadet Support Unit (Pacific) for cadets with anaphylaxis (serious allergy, usually life-threatening) and/or food allergy/sensitivity attending Summer Training. Cadets are required to fill-out the necessary forms and bring them to their respective CTCs.

[important]For 2017, physician signature and photo do not need to be included in the Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan (Document #4)[/important]

1. Anaphylaxis English – document that describes the new forms

2. Anaphylaxis Consent Form – to be completed by cadets with Epi-Pen

3. Cadet Participation – Non-Food Anaphylaxis – to be completed by cadets with non-food anaphylaxis (e.g. allergies to bee stings)

4. Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan – to be completed if the cadet needs to fill-out any of the two documents above (#2, #3)

5. Cadet Participation – Food Sensitivity – to be completed by cadets with food allergies/intolerance; if the reaction is anaphylatic, cadet must also fill-out Document #4


Please see below for examples:

2. Anaphylaxis Consent Form 3. Non-Food Anaphylaxis 4. Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan 5. Food Sensitivity
Cadet with seafood allergy, needs Epi-Pen Yes Yes Yes
Cadet allergic to bee stings, does not need Epi-Pen  Yes Yes
Cadet is lactose intolerant Yes
Cadet allergic to sunscreen, needs Epi-Pen Yes Yes Yes
Cadet allergic to peanuts, does not need Epi-Pen Yes Yes
Training Announcements

2017 June FTX Info

slideshow2017As announced during Awards Night, the following cadets are selected for the FTX this weekend 9-11 Jun 17 (new changes are bolded). A reminder to all cadets that you must be at the LHQ with all your personal belongings by 4pm. Make sure to eat dinner or bring something to eat, as dinner is not provided for Fri night.

Stars beside your name denotes that you are selected for Advance Party. Advance Party will meet on Fri 9 Jun 17, 0900 hrs, at 1090 Falcon Drive, Coquitlam, BC.

For parents dropping off or picking up your cadet at our field training area, please use this approximate address (400 Iverson Road, Lindell Beach, BC) to find our location. If you are heading south, the site should be on your left. Please note that you will most likely lose cell reception 10 minutes from our site. Only approved cadets will be allowed to be dropped off or picked up.

Kit List and Permission Slip

Training Announcements

Level 1 Activities

As mentioned in the previous announcements, :Level 1 will continue to attend their respective activities during this training night.

Cadets with last names K – Z will be meeting at the Port Moody Library entrance by 6:45pm. The address is 100 Newport Drive, Port Moody (in the cul-de-sac). All cadets should wear their parka/jacket as we will be outside for some time. Afterwards, all cadets will return to the squadron for the usual closing parade.

Cadets with last name A – J will meet at the squadron at their usual time for Wed night.

Training Announcements

Change to Summer Dress

air-cadets-summer-dress-thEffective immediately, all cadets shall be in summer dress for the remainder of the training year, unless noted otherwise.

Note to all Level 1 attending the Fire Hall Tour, please wear your parka as you will be outside for a portion of the night. You may also choose to bring gloves and an umbrella.


Training Announcements

Air Rifle Handling Test (26-Mar)

Daisy 853C Legend_1

The following cadets have been selected to attend the 26-Mar Air Rife Handling Test Session. Please dress appropriately for the weather as you may be outside for some time.

LAC Baek Timothy
LAC Cady Charlene
AC Cai Brandon
AC Cho Gahwoo
LAC Earl Adam
LAC Hong Sarah (Sarang)
LAC Kim Daniel
AC Ko So-Chung
LAC Liu QiQi
LAC Ni Kevin
LAC Park Sean
LAC Park Suhyeon (Amy)
AC Pham Tran Minh Duc (Toby)

See previous post and calendar for more details.


Training Announcements

Air Rifle Handling Test (12-Mar)

Daisy 853C Legend_1As mentioned in the weekly announcements, the first session of the Air Rifle Handling Test will be on Sunday, March 12, at the Port Coquitlam & District Hunting & Fishing Club (address on squadron calendar). The following cadets are expected to attend this session:

Cpl Balsara Daryush
AC Chan Miriam
LAC Choi Daho
AC Chow Nathan
LAC Deng Victoria
LAC Hwang Hyewon
AC Hwang Jiwon
AC Izatt Tristan
LAC Jia Rui Yi
AC Jung Peter
AC Kachchakaduge Rasee
AC Kim Grace
AC Lapitan Arnold
AC Lapitan France ryan
LAC Lee So Jin
AC Nie Liang
LAC Park Jee June
AC Wang Charisse

Be sure to review any classes regarding marksmanship. A copy of the assessment form is available to view (see 10-Mar weekly announcement).

A reminder that all accelerated Level 2 and Level 1 are required to complete this in order to pass your Level. There are still spots open for 26-Mar, and the sign-up will be closed Fri,  24 Mar 17. A list of cadets for that session will be posted on the website shortly after the sign-up closes.