1 Oct – Weekly Briefing

As we move into our regular training routine, we will post important information here, along with a schedule of events for the next 2-3 weeks.

FLYING! – We were one of the first Squadrons to get back into the air after a 3 year layoff. Thanks to the Air Operations pilots who took 18 of our cadets on tours of the Lower Mainland in our C-182 tow aircraft.

ONLINE GROUNDSCHOOL – Deadline is approaching for any Level 4+ cadets intending on applying for the Glider Pilot or Power Pilot Training Course next summer. The deadline to apply is 15 Oct 22, but the course is available starting on 1 Oct 22. Email Major Angst for details.

BAND IS RECRUITING! – Any cadets, new or returning, who would like to be in the Band are invited to come to the first Band evening on Monday 3 October at the school gym, from 1900-2100 hrs. We need lots of musicians and potential musicians to help us grow!

FLAG PARTY IS RECRUITING! – The Flag Party is a central part of the Squadron on parade. Interested cadets (Flight Corporal/level 3+) please sign up here.


  • MON 3 OCT – FIRST BAND TRAINING NIGHT – 1900-2100 hrs – returning cadets and new cadets interested in joining our Band are invited to come and start our training for the new year. Band will be on its regular night, Monday evenings, starting on Mon 17 Oct
  • WED 5 OCT – REGULAR TRAINING NIGHT – 1820-2120 hrs
  • TUE 11 OCT – BAND TRAINING – 1900-2100 hrs (on Tuesday this week only due to Thanksgiving)
  • TUE 11 OCT – PARENT INFORMATION SESSION (VIRTUAL) – 1900-2030 hrs – invitations will be sent out the day of the meeting
  • WED 12 OCT – REGULAR TRAINING NIGHT – 1820-2120 hrs
  • FRI 4 NOV to SUN 6 NOV – SENIOR FTX – save the date – this is for Level 5 cadets