We are parent volunteers!

Our Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) is mainly comprised of parents of Cadets and is the primary sponsoring group for the Squadron. The SSC is responsible for raising funds to support the squadron’s training program, such as power familiarization flying, weekend exercises, band expenses, entrance fees and transportation for various outings, as well as rent, insurance and operating costs.

Becoming a Parent Volunteer

Many parents ask how they can help with the Squadron. The best way is to become a screened member of the 754 Phoenix Squadron Sponsoring Committee (754 Phoenix SSC) so that you can become involved in helping at squadron events, activities and weekly responsibilities.  There are many small jobs available, requiring minimal commitment. Please complete the Member Volunteer Registration and Screening Package and submit it to vicechair@gmail.com or to a squadron sponsoring committee member on any training night.

Please see the 754 Phoenix Sponsoring Committee Privacy Policy for your reference.

Parents can get additional information about how they can get involved by talking with a member of the Executive Committee and by visiting the National Cadet website. Parents can also visit the Air Cadet League of Canada, British Columbia Provincial Committee and the Air Cadet League of Canada to find out more about the role these groups have in supporting Cadets.

Email Lists and Meetings

Important information is relayed to parent via email throughout the year.  If you are not receiving these emails, please send an email message to chair754@gmail.com, asking to be added to our Parent Email Distribution List.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact one of the Sponsoring Committee Executive Members on a parade night, or 754 Phoenix SSC Chairperson at chair754@gmail.com.

The 754 Phoenix Squadron Sponsoring Committee has Parent Information Meetings a few Wednesdays in the year.  Please check the calendar and announcements for dates and location.

Executive Officers and Directors

Any parent can become a member of the committee by submitting an application form and being approved by the Directors. Each member has one vote and the members elect the Board of Directors once a year. The Board of Directors choose the Executive Officers by electing a Chairperson, and the Chairperson will appoint the Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. When a Director resigns, the balance of the Board of Directors will appoint a new temporary Director to fill the vacancy until the next Annual General Election is held.

Executive Meetings: The 754 Phoenix Squadron Sponsoring Committee board of directors meets every month. Parents are welcome to attend but will not be part of the voting process during these meetings.

Annual General Meeting: Our AGM is held yearly in January. Please see calendar for details.  All parents, member or non-member, are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Only 754 Phoenix SSC members may vote.  Members attendance is very important and is required so quorum may be declared, and the election of board members can proceed.

Donations from the Community

Donations either directly or through United Way, corporate, or work place donations are welcomed and may be made out to 754 Phoenix Squadron Sponsoring Committee.  Tax receipts will be provided.

Thank you for your support!