There are multiple extracurricular activities that 754 Phoenix offers to our cadets. Please check with the senior NCOs and/or officers to determine which activities are offered this year.


Band cadets participate in the squadron band all year long, and develop music theory, band drill and musicianship. Interested cadets without music background can still join the Band, as instruction and instruments will be provided. Each year, the Band practices to perform at the regional competition in Richmond. Band cadets may also choose to attend a Band course in the summer to further develop their skills. The Band can be heard performing during the Commanding Officer’s Parade, and at the Annual Ceremonial Review.


The Drill Team consists of a group of cadets that practice to perform a precision drill routine at the regional competition. The team spends many hours developing and practising elaborate drill movements to impress those at the competitions. The team also demonstrates their skill at the Annual Ceremonial Review. Team members develop high standards of deportment, and are exceptional members of our squadron.

First Aid

During the year, cadets may participate in provincial and federal approved First Aid training course, and receive either Emergency or Standard First Aid certification. Selected cadets may be chosen to participate in the regional competition.

Ground School

Ground School refers to the flight training that is held in the classroom, as oppose to flight training on an aircraft. Cadets in Ground School will learn about components and instruments of an aircraft, rules and regulations pertaining to flight, and meteorology to name a few. Currently, we plan to offer both the National Online (Senior) Ground School and Junior Ground School.

The National Online Ground School will be offered as a virtual, self-paced course from Sep to Dec of the training year. Only cadets who are applying for Glider or Power Pilot Scholarship program may participate. Junior Ground School may be offered from Feb to Apr. This will be open to any cadets who are interested in subject of aviation and/or potentially applying for the Glider or Power Pilot Scholarship next year.

Range (currently not offered)

Range Team consists of cadets who practice marksmanship to enter regional or provincial competitions, under the supervision of a Range Safety Officer. Cadets who have passed the Air Rifle Handling Test may attend a range session for fun. Types of rifles used include a 22 caliber and an air rifle.

Effective Speaking

The objectives of the Effective Speaking Team is:
-to provide an opportunity for Air Cadets to increase their self confidence; and increase their ability to reason, organize and express ideas;
-to provide cadets with an opportunity to acquire effective speaking skills through instruction and practice in a structured and competitive environment; and
-to increase public awareness regarding the citizenship and leadership aspects of the Air Cadet Program at the national, provincial and local levels.

Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Team handles all media and articles pertaining to our squadron activities. Cadets photograph and video any cadet events, as well as write articles highlighting the cadet activity. They are also responsible for editing and producing the program that is handed out at the end of the training year.

Biathlon (currently not offered)

Biathlon is a combination of cross-country skiing (winter Biathlon) or running (summer Biathlon) and marksmanship. It requires tremendous endurance and strength as well as skill and precision.
A seemingly unlikely combination of events – one being an aerobic activity which requires strength, speed and stamina; the other being a passive activity which requires concentration and a steady hand – confronts the athlete with a very demanding challenge. The combination of power and endurance of cross-country skiing with the precision and calm of marksmanship makes this sport especially challenging, fun and rewarding.