Weekly Briefing – 22 Nov 21


As you are likely aware, this past week has presented us with new challenges as BC has been severely impacted by flooding and landslides as a result of recent extreme weather. In response, the Province has issued two temporary emergency orders to prioritize fuel for essential vehicles and to restrict non-essential travel in some areas.

We are requesting you to do your part and attempt to conserve fuel as much as possible in the next couple of weeks in support of these temporary measures If it is possible for you to walk or use public transit to commute to the Squadron, please consider these alternate modes of transportation. If you must drive, please consider carpooling while adhering to the current health protocols of handwashing and use of masks. If we pull together as a community, we can reduce fuel consumption to the greatest extent possible over the short-term and support all British Columbians by allowing essential service use of fuel for recovery and supply chain priorities.

Thank you for doing your part to assist in BC’s recovery efforts!

Here’s our schedule and some notes. If you’re not sure about who is meeting virtually and who is in-person, check our Calendar under the What’s Happening? tab.

Please note that all training will be in winter dress unless otherwise noted (jacket and tie).

The next time you are on teams, please make sure your last name and rank is up to date.


– in person training for Level 1 and Level 3 – arrive between 6:15-6:30 pm and pickup between 9:00-9:15 pm – go to gym doors

– online training for Level 2 and Level 4 – on Teams – be online by 6:45 pm – will end by 8:30 pm or so – check to see that you are still able to get onto Teams – your Level channel will have changed to your new level

– if you are having issues with Teams, please be patient – send an email to 754cal@gmail.com stating your first and last name, rank, level, and as many details of the problems as possible – please do not call the Squadron


– in person training for Level 2 and Level 4 – online training for Level 1 and Level 3

– we will be joined by representatives from the Air Cadet to present Long Service Medals to qualifying cadets!


  1. PARKING – parents are NOT to drive onto school property to drop off or pick up cadets. Only staff are allowed to do so. Please make arrangements to pick up and drop off your cadets at the front of the school, or on the street behind the school.
  2. ABSENCES – if a cadet is going to be absent, please use the absence form here – do not call the Squadron or email.
  3. NEW REGISTRATIONS – we are continuing to accept registrations for new cadets, subject to our facility limits. Please email 754cal@gmail.com for more details.