Weekly Briefing – 17 Jan 22


EXTENSION OF STAND DOWN – Due to the upswing in COVID-19 cases, the Cadet Organization across Canada is suspending in-person training temporarily. As a result, we will be conducting our classes online on Teams until further notice. Although we have not been given a time frame for coming back to in-person training, I would expect that we would be online for all of January. ALL CADETS will start online training on Wed 12 January.


  • Online training for ALL cadets
  • Opening parade at 6:45 pm (1845 hrs) in General Channel
  • Classes start at 7:00 pm (1900 hrs) in Level Channels
  • Dress is light blue short sleeve uniform shirt or Squadron T-shirt for Level 1’s without uniform yet


  • Online training for all cadets
  • Opening parade at 1845 hrs in General Channel
  • Flight Activities start at 1900 hrs in FLIGHT CHANNELS
  • Dress will be the GREEN FIELD TRAINING UNIFORMS (combat jacket over dark blue/black t-shirt) for cadets, CADPAT for staff

WARRANT OFFICER MERIT REVIEW BOARDS – We will be starting to set up Review Boards for those Flight Sergeants wanting to be considered for promotion to Warrant Officer 2nd Class. These will be virtual, and most likely on Wednesday evenings. Stay posted for more information.

FLIGHT ALLOCATIONS – We have assigned all cadets to individual flights, under the command of a Warrant Officer or Flight Sergeant. You will see this appear in Teams as another channel. We will use them from time to time to hold events by Flight instead of by Level.

BAND PRACTICE – We are looking to restart regular Band practices as soon as we are able in the new year, on Monday evenings from 7:00-9:00 pm (1900-2100 hrs). Further details will be coming.


  1. PARKING – parents are NOT to drive onto school property to drop off or pick up cadets. Only staff are allowed to do so. Please make arrangements to pick up and drop off your cadets at the front of the school, or on the street behind the school.
  2. ABSENCES – if a cadet is going to be absent, please use the absence form here – do not call the Squadron or email. This INCLUDES absences from online classes.