In addition to Mandatory Training on Wednesday nights, 754 Phoenix also offers a variety of activities for cadets to participate in throughout the training year. Some activities are required for cadets to attend outside Wednesday nights, but there are other activities that cadets can choose to attend. Activities will often fall under two categories: Mandatory and Optional.

Mandatory Activities

Field Training Exercises

Field Training Exercises (FTXs) are a part of the mandatory training. They are held on selected weekends, and include instruction and practice in survival skills, land navigation, setting up shelters, building fires, and many other topics. The nature and complexity of the exercises also varies depending on the cadet training level to which they are targeted. These are always fun events that are thoroughly enjoyed by all the cadets. Cadets can check the Calendar of Events to see details of upcoming exercises.

Familiarization Gliding/Flying

Gliding or Power Familiarization Flying (Famil Flying) is another part of the cadet’s mandatory training. Familiarization flying in gliders and powered aircraft takes place on select weekends at either Pitt Meadows or Abbotsford airport. These flying opportunities are open to all cadets.

Glider flights take place in two seat gliders owned by the BC Air Cadet League and operated by the DND. Interested cadets should check the Calendar of Events to determine when there are opportunities to go flying. At times, famil flying in powered aircraft is also offered in addition to gliding.

Level Development Workshop

During the training year, each level will be required to attend their Level Workshop to further develop the skills they learn during classes, and to promote camaraderie among their peers and within the squadron. Dates will be announced in advance so cadets and parents can plan accordingly.

Community Involvement

An important part of the Cadet Program is developing the civic responsibility of the cadets. As most of our program is supported directly and indirectly by our community, it is important that cadets understand and foster this relationship. Cadets are highly encouraged to participate in these events such as Poppy Sales. the Remembrance Day Parade, Shoreline Clean up, Battle of Britain Parade, etc.

Optional Activities

Sports Activities

Throughout the training year, we offer multiple opportunities for cadets to participate in sports related activities as a way of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Activities that we conduct may include skiing and snowboarding, Vancouver Sun Run, and kayaking, just to name a few. Confirmed activities will be announced during the training year in advance.

Depending on the interest of our cadets, we also send sports teams to compete with other squadrons in the Lower Mainland. Typically, these inter-squadron sports competition are hosted by other units, and may include basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, and ultimate frisbee. As the opportunities arise, we will announce their availability.


Every year, 754 Phoenix organizes many academic related activities that are opened to all cadets within the squadron. In the past, we have organized a Science World Trip, attended the Britannia Mines, participated in an airport tour, and toured the Space Centre. Please stay tuned for activities, and check our squadron calendar for future activities.

Occasionally, tours or trips are undertaken to places of interest. These can range in duration from a day or weekend, to special trips farther afield. Note that there may be costs associated with these trips that are not covered by the Squadron.