Gliding and flying are fundamental to the Air Cadet Program, and provides all Air Cadets the opportunity to experience first-hand on what flying is all about. These operations form some of the most memorable activities that Air Cadets participate in. Please pay careful attention to the information below when coming out to fly with us.


Cadets are given one glider flight with a glider pilot, and may have the opportunity for a flight in the towplane. The activity introduces cadets to the basic fundamentals of glider flying and safety procedures, and cadets also assist the Air Operations staff to launch and recover gliders from the runway.

Please be aware that gliding is always weather dependent, and cancellation of the exercise may occur. You will be notified by telephone if cancellation is necessary. Parents are welcome to stay and observe the operations, BUT:

  • you will be on a Transport Canada aerodrome, which means you can not wander from the strictly defined waiting area; if you do, you will be subject to legal action and the Air Cadets may lose the use of the airport!
  • if you choose to stay, you must remain for the entire morning, afternoon, or evening session; the gates will be locked once flying starts

Cadets must take note of the following:

  • cadets are required to stay for the duration of gliding, and are not permitted to leave
  • facilities are limited to a portable washroom
  • cadets can bring food and water with them if they wish as food or water is not available; a lawn chair is advisable
  • civilian clothes will be worn – cadets should dress for cold and/or wet weather as conditions can change quickly and there is no shelter on the airfield– jacket, hat, boots (not cadet)

Parents/drivers must not leave until the escort from the Gliding program arrives. It is imperative that the parents, drivers, Cadets, and escort Officers understand that they are not permitted on the airfield without a gliding escort. If the parents or drivers for the Cadets arrive late, they are required to call the Site Commander or the Squadron Escort Officer and request assistance.

Parents or drivers are NOT to seek out assistance or direction on how to get on the airfield from any of the tenants at the airport.


Pitt Meadows Air Cadet Gliding Site

  1. Head East on Highway 7 (Lougheed Highway) towards Maple Ridge
  2. Turn right on Harris Road
  3. Turn right in Ford Road, and head straight until Baynes Road
  4. Continue driving along Ford Road past Baynes Road for approximately 600 meters
  5. Turn left towards Gate E3. Entrance for the Gliding Site is Gate E3, located on the left side of the road.
  6. Drive through the gates and head towards the gliding shack; DO NOT DRIVE PAST THE SHACK

Parking is available along the east side of the dirt road leading to the shack.

Abbotsford Air Cadet Gliding Site

  1. Take Mt Lehman Road exit off Highway 1, and drive south on Mt Lehman Road
  2. Turn left on Marshall Road
  3. Turn right on Queen Street, and head all the way to the gate
  4. Once you are past the gates, follow the sign and turn left at the T-intersection
  5. Follow the road that curves and runs along the fence
  6. Look for the gliding site on your right, near the Shell fuel facility

Parking is available outside the date at the gliding site, on the far side of the road from the fence, and north of the glider shack.