Weekly Announcements

17-18 May 16 Announcements

Closing Parade Announcements

Parade Subject Details
Tue+Wed Summer Training
  • All Offers of Participation should have been submitted to your respective office by now; if you do not have the original copy of the Offer, you will be receiving them shortly
  • Cadets that were not selected during the initial submission will be considered for Spares; we will inform you when we receive additional spot, which will be released to us after May 23
  • Summer Training Briefing for all cadets that were selected/spared and their parents on 2 Jun 16 at Maillard Middle School. Information about what to pack, joining instructions, and movement orders if they are ready will be distributed
Tue+Wed Additional Gliding Sign ups
  • We have been offered additional gliding spots on May 22, May 23, Jun 4, and Jun 11. Sign ups are available here.
  • Level 1s must complete one session of gliding in order to pass their level!
Tue FTX Sign up
  • FTX Sign ups for Tuesday night can be found here.
  • The sign up will close on May 25, and kit list/permission slips will be distributed to those selected
Wed FTX Sign up
  • As announced, the FTX for Wednesday night is postponed to the weekend from 17 – 19 Jun
  • Sign up will be posted here shortly
Tue+Wed Band Practice
  • The next upcoming practice is for all band members from Tue and Wed night (excluding seniors who have attended competition)
  • There is no practice this coming Monday (23 May 16) due to Victoria Day; however, there will be practice on Thursday (26 May), 1900 – 2100 hrs at Moody Elementary
  • There is a mandatory practice on 30 May is for all band members (Tue and Wed) including competition members, 1830 – 2130 hrs at Moody Elementary
Wed Level 1 Remedial Session
  • Rifle Handling Retest will be conducted on Tue 24 May during Tuesday parade night (Time TBA, please check back)
  • PSRY remedial session will be conducted on Mon 30 May at Moody Elementary; time will be posted soon
Tue+Wed Annual Ceremonial Review
  • ACR is on June 5 at Charles Best Secondary School. Attendance is mandatory for all, and is a great opportunity to show family and friends what you have been up to this year.
  • It will be a full day activity for cadets (lunch is provided), and guests are welcome to arrive at 12:30.
  • Please see ACR Information Sheet for important information (Korean Version and Chinese Version)
Tue+Wed ACR Practice
  • We will be doing a joint squadron practice on Jun 1 in preparation for our ACR. Dress is appropriate civilian attire.
  • Tuesday cadets are reminded to NOT show up on May 31 at Maillard, and instead be at Moody Elementary on Jun 1 from 6:15-9:30
Tue+Wed Awards Night
  • Awards night for both parade nights will take place on Jun 8 (Wed) at Moody Elementary from 6:30-9:00. Please show up in Summer dress, many awards will be presented such as Top cadet of each level, best dressed, etc.
Tue Crest Design Competition
  • As we near our final chartering stages to become 808 Coquitlam Squadron, All Tuesday cadets are invited to participate in a crest design competition. A crest is used to identify the squadron and the illustrations should have symbolic significance.  All submissions must be sent to by May 24.
  • Selected design will become the squadron crest, and used for many years to come!