CO’s UPDATE – 14 AUG 2020

As we get closer to the beginning of the 2020/2021 training year, I would like to update you on our situation. I know many of you are anxious about what this year will hold, so we promise to share information as soon as we can.

We are currently awaiting orders from the Commander as to what the training program can look like, including safety limitations due to COVID-19. We expect that many of the activities we normally do will look different, but we will be creative and get as many events going as we safely can.

We are also waiting to hear from School District 43 about what facilities we can use. I expect that we will have limitations put on us, so we may not be able to use the school as much as we normally do.

Our goal is to have a mix of in-person and on-line training to start the year, and to use September for planning that out. We are in the process of planning our registration evenings, so make sure you keep an eye on the website and on your emails for news.

Communications will be vital in the fall, so please make sure we have a current email address for you, and that you check it regularly. If you are not sure, please email with the new address.

I hope that everyone who registered for virtual CTC courses this summer learned something and had fun. Captain Wong, Lieutenant Ko, and Officer Cadet Chan were all involved in various operations, and gained some excellent experience that will help us as we work in a more virtual environment.

We will have lots of safety information to send your way, but that can wait. As a last note, please make sure you have completed the return to cadets/FTU survey. We need to send in our order for the field training uniforms by 27 August, so we do need your sizes.

Looking forward to seeing each of you in the fall,

Captain DJ Angst, CD