(Pre-)Virtual Training

EDIT: If you (cadets) did not update or input your email address on Registration/Annual Validation Form on Tue/Wed, please visit here to complete a quick form. Microsoft Teams invites will be sent out this weekend, priorities going to Level Two and Level Four. Be sure to accept the invite well before the start of your training session.

As we approach the beginning of our training year, we would like everyone to start preparing for our new virtual training. This year, we will be introducing virtual training using Microsoft Teams as the medium, which should be familiar to most.

While we wait until training begins, we would like all cadets to take the time to create their own Microsoft Teams account that will be used to access our Teams page. We are asking that each cadet created their own account (that is, not use any school account) in order to keep other work-related activities separate from cadet activities. When creating your email (or using an existing email), please refrain from using vulgar and offensive words, and keep it appropriate.

During registration, please provide use your (the cadet) Microsoft Teams email, and we will provide an invite link to the 754 Phoenix Teams page. If you are not able to create an account, or will have difficulties accessing any virtual training this year, please let us know during registration.

We look forward to seeing you on registration night!

-754 Phoenix