17 Jan – Spring/Summer Training Applications

We have received the plan that we will (hopefully) be following for CTC courses in the spring and summer of 2021. Please realize that the plan may be changed due to the public health situation at the time.

Cadet training will be divided into 4 categories in 2021:

  1. Cadet Activities Program – 5 day local camp (not overnight) during spring break and summer – this would be the equivalent of the General Training Course – parents would drop off and pick up cadets at our Squadron HQ;
  2. In Person Summer Training – this will be very limited, and only includes the Power Pilot Training Course, Glider Pilot Training Course, Advanced Aerospace Course, and Survival Instructor Course – with very limited positions open;
  3. Hybrid Summer Training (part virtual, part in person locally) – these would be for some of the traditional Basic, Advanced, and Instructor level courses; and
  4. Virtual Summer Training – refined versions of some of the courses offered last summer.

We do not know selection information or deadlines for these courses. We will make every effort to get as many cadets that were supposed to attend courses last summer onto courses this year, but it may not be possible.

Staff cadet positions are required for all of the above, so senior (FSgt/WO2/WO1) cadets should think about applying. We will publish information as soon as we receive it.

Please fill out the survey linked below to indicate an interest in spring/summer training: