1 Apr – Training for 5-11 Apr

We are back to regular on-line training for this week; see below for details.

There will be a virtual CO’s Parade for all cadets on Wed 7 Apr 21 at 2000 hrs (8:00 pm). This will be on the General channel of Teams. Parents are invited to watch with their cadets. We will be recognizing the progress of the Level 1 Cadets with promotions to LAC and doing some promotions to Warrant Officer 2nd Class , as well as the service of aging out cadets. We will end the evening with the change of command from WO1 Jennifer Kim to WO2 Parker Lee.

Just a reminder that any cadets in grade 12 that are continuing on to post-secondary education have 1 week to send in their application. Applications are due on April 7th! Check this site for more info:

The Commander of the Cadet Organization has made the tough decision to cancel all in-person overnight training this summer. Please see the videos on our Facebook page or here for more information. Virtual Summer Training Courses are being finalized and cadets will receive information on those when we do. There MAY also be the possibility of an in-person day-only Cadet Activity Program, but that will depend on the progress we make against COVID-19.

Training for this week:

  • Tue 6 Apr (1845-2030 hrs) – Levels 3 and 4 Training ON-LINE
  • Wed 7 Apr (1845-1955 hrs) – Levels 1 and 2 Training ON-LINE
  • Wed 7 Apr (2000-2030 hrs) – CO’s Parade – All Cadets ON-LINE
  • Thu 8 Apr (1900-2000 hrs) – Junior Ground School ON-LINE

We are still restricted to on line training. As soon as we are able to move back to in person training we will do so.