11 Apr – Training for 12-18 Apr

Thank you to all who attended the CO’s Parade last Wednesday. It was great to recognize new cadets being promoted, and retiring cadets for their service. Next CO’s Parade will be at 2000 hrs (8:00 pm) on Wednesday 5 May 2021.

We have just received information on the Virtual Summer Training Courses being offered this summer. Please see an upcoming separate post for information. There is still the possibility of a local daytime-only training program, but that will depend on the progress we make against COVID-19 and the availability of facilities.

Training for this week:

  • Tue 13 Apr (1845-2030 hrs) – Levels 3 and 4 Training ON-LINE
  • Wed 14 Apr (1845-1955 hrs) – Levels 1 and 2 Training ON-LINE
  • Thu 15 Apr (1900-2000 hrs) – Junior Ground School ON-LINE

We are still restricted to on line training. As soon as we are able to move back to in person training we will do so. We are also working on a plan to safely distribute uniforms, but this will require authorization from our Headquarters.