11 Apr – Summer Training 2021

We have received a large amount of information regarding the summer training program for 2021. It will be conducted virtually, with the possible exception of in-person local Cadet Activity Programs. As with regular summer training courses, there are only a limited number of positions open to us (probably 1-2 for each course). You will be informed if your application is successful. We look at your experience, previous training, behavior (in-person and on-line), among other things, to determine who will be selected.

Please apply by going to this link: https://forms.gle/zacfyKEyEJeofT5z7

The list of training courses offered this summer is very similar to the normal in-person courses that we would regularly offer, with the exception of the more hands-on skill-based courses. These virtual courses will give you the same qualifications and entitle you to wear the same badge as the in-person equivalent. The virtual courses are:

  • Basic Aviation Course
  • Advanced Aviation Course
  • Aerospace Course
  • Airport Operation Course
  • Survival Course
  • Basic Military Band
  • Intermediate Military Band
  • Advanced Military Band
  • Basic Pipes and Drums
  • Intermediate Pipes and Drums
  • Advanced Pipes and Drums
  • Cadet Correspondent
  • Introduction to Fitness and Sports
  • Coaching
  • Instructional Techniques
  • Effective Communication
  • Marine Restricted Radio Operator’s Certificate
  • Pleasure Craft (Boat) Operator Competency

Information on Summer Training is located here. Most of these courses (with the exception of Basic Military Band, Basic Pipes and Drums, Cadet Correspondent, and Cyber Training) are 3 hours per weekday (Monday to Friday) over a 6 week period, running from Monday 5 July 2021 to Friday 13 August 2021.

More specific links include:

Please read the FAQ sheet, which answers many of the questions you may have.

You must have adequate internet and computer equipment for any of the virtual training courses. If you have had little difficulty with regular squadron training on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings, you should be fine.