21 May – Be Part of Your ACR Program!

We’d like to give all cadets a chance to be a part of our ACR program. All you need to do is video yourself answering the following questions:

1) What do you miss most about cadets? 2) What are you looking forward to the most when things get back to nearly-normal?

We’d like to be upbeat and optimistic, so if you answer question 1 please also answer question 2. You could just answer question 2 on it’s own. Please make sure your answers are clear (and appropriate). We may not be able to use all video formats, but .mov files are usually workable.

Here’s a few hints:

1) Keep the videos short (under 15 seconds) but make sure you wait a few seconds after hitting record before you start talking, and let it run for a few seconds after you finish talking. This helps us to edit the files.

2) You can film in portrait or landscape mode, or square.

3) If you have a uniform that fits, wear it. If you have combat kit (seniors) wear it. If you have a flight suit, wear it. If you have a 754 t-shirt, wear it. You get the idea…

In order to have time to edit these together, we’d like to have them by Friday 28 May.

Please email them to: 754cal@gmail.com