11 Jun – Year End Update

As we reach the end of the training year, here are a few reminders:

ANNUAL CEREMONIAL REVIEW (VIRTUAL) – our year-end review will be published at 7:00 pm on Saturday 12 June 2021. Join us for promotions, awards, and a look at the past and future of 754 Squadron! Details will be sent out in an email and posted on Teams on Saturday, just before the show.

UNIFORM EXCHANGE/ISSUE/RETURNS – we will be having appointments on Saturday 12 June from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, for uniform issues, exchanges, and returns. If you have booked a time, thank you. We will only have staff at the office at the times that were booked as of Friday at 9:00 am, so anyone showing up without having made an appointment by then may not find anyone there. This is due to COVID-19 regulations.

SUMMER TRAINING – we have not heard anything definite about in-person training, but we have signed cadets up. If your application was approved, you will receive an email this weekend. Cadets that are already on a virtual course can stay registered for that course, until we know for certain whether the in-person courses are going to be held, or whether they might conflict.