3 Jul – In Person Summer Training Info

Attached below is the general brochure for all IN-PERSON training courses this summer. It gives the basic information for all cadets. Please make sure you monitor your email for further details such as locations and other information.

Regional Cadet Support Unit (Pacific)

28 June 2021


  1. General. The Regional Cadet Support Unit (Pacific) will be conducting in-person Cadet Activity Program (CAP) activities for all Corps/Squadrons during Summer 2021 in order to engage with cadets through a series of fun, challenging, well-organized and safe activities.
  2. Timings. CAP will operate daily between 0800 hrs and 1730 hrs. Site staff will communicate any COVID-19 specific drop off and pick up procedures.
  3. Dates/Serials. Refer to your registration request email; attendance for all days of training is highly encouraged. CAP is not considered a drop in activity so do not attend if you are not registered.
  4. Address. Various Municipal Locations – will be provided at a later time
  5. Transportation. Parental drop-off and pick-up at all in-person locations. Guests including parents and guardians are not permitted into any facility. This is to maintain appropriate physical distancing and facility max occupancy. Some locations provide limited busing for outer communities; you will be contacted separately to confirm arrangements if you live in one of the serviced communities.
  6. Meals. Lunch will be provided daily during training. Dietary and allergy restrictions for the most part will not be accommodated. Parents are asked to support special dietary needs as required.
  7. Dress. Non-medical masks (NMM) must be worn at all times for in-person training with the exception of when eating or drinking.
  8. Authorized dress for summer CAP is as follows:
    a) Dress – Cadets. Appropriate civilian clothing for the day’s activities;
    b) Dress – Staff Cadets. FTU / STU (as directed); and
    c) Dress – Officers. CADPAT / NCDs.
  9. Required Kit:
    • Must possess 2 x Non-Medical Mask (NMM). A NMM must be worn at all times for in-person training with the exception of when eating or drinking. Additional supplies will be provided if required
    • Personal Water bottle (not to be shared);
    • PT gear (as required)
    • Medications (as required)
    • Any items identified by CAP staff.
  10. Prohibited Items. The following items are prohibited and members shall not have them in their possession during training: alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs, pornographic material, firearms, weapons (including toy replicas), knives, lighters or other fire starting items.
  11. Medical. All activities must abide by a strict application of the Public Health Measures mandated by Canadian Armed Forces / CJCR policy and by federal/provincial/local health authorities. The following reminders apply to in-person activities:
    a. All participating cadets must have a valid medical entered in FORTRESS and staff must ensure that the participation limitations are within tolerance for each activity;
    b. Cadet medication must be provided to the adult staff at the beginning of the training day including detailed instructions on how the medication is to be taken;
    c. Cadets are to take the COVID-19 self-assessment each day prior to attending the training;
    d. If the cadet is not feeling well, they must immediately notify CAP staff and they are NOT to attend further in-person training;
    e. Established COVID-19 procedures are to be followed at all times. Refer to the COVID-19 Safety Officer if you have questions;
    f. Cadets requiring medical attention shall report to adult CAP staff for first aid and shall be taken to the appropriate medical facility if required. Incidents shall be reported to the appropriate Area CAP OIC and followed up with accompanying DND2299.
  12. Discipline. Cadets are to follow the regulations and standards set out for the Canadian Cadet Organization in order to ensure the safety, efficiency and well-being of everyone. Any conduct issues will be dealt with in accordance with established policy and may result in the cadet being removed from training and/or referral to the appropriate authorities. CAP staff shall notify the applicable Area OC of any significant incidents.
  13. Contact Info:
    a. Contact information will be released at a later time.