17 Aug – Update

As we get closer to the fall, we would like to keep you updated on our return to training.

We will be using the month of September to get ready for the new training year. We will not be having any in-person training in that month, but are looking to October to meet again – this will allow us to see how back-to-school goes, and what COVID measures we need to operate.

We are looking to try and register new and returning cadets during the month of September, as well as get uniforms straightened out. This will likely be by appointment – emails will come out when we know more.

Thank you to all who filled out the survey (there’s still time if you haven’t!). Please make sure you are checking your preferred email regularly for messages as we get closer to startup. Remember that you need your own email to get set up for the new Cadet 365 platform, so if it is just your parent’s on file, please make sure we know to change it (message us at 754cal@gmail.com).

We hope everyone that attended a course this summer (whether virtual or in-person) learned lots and had fun – we look forward to you sharing your knowledge this year!

Again, if you haven’t filled out the survey yet… let us know:

  1. whether or not you are coming back to us in the fall – we hope to see as many of you back as we can, but we realize that the past 16 months has been difficult and priorities and interests may have changed;
  2. what your preferred email address is for our new Cadet 365 platform (replacing our Teams from last year) – this is very important as most of our information will be shared using this new program, and we need everybody ready to use it;
  3. what doesn’t fit from your uniform – we expect most of it won’t, so we are working to have as much ready for you as possible when we get back in the fall.

Please fill out the form at the link below. A few notes:

  1. make sure you put your first name, and not just initial (we have many people with similar names); and
  2. be as accurate as you can with the measurements.