3 Jul – Summer Update #1

SUMMER COURSES – We have received Offers of Participation confirming many cadets have been selected for summer courses. Emails have been sent to cadets that explain the next steps. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU RESPOND TO THESE IN A TIMELY MANNER! If you do not, we may have to cancel your course! Please check Teams for a list of those cadets selected.

CADET 365 ONBOARDING – All cadets should have received an email with instructions on how to activate their accounts. If you didn’t receive it, email Major Angst at david.angst@cadets.gc.ca

SUMMER STAND-DOWN – With the end of the training year, we will be taking some time to organize for next September. There will be no regular training through the summer months, and the offices will not be open. We will be looking to have a senior NCO meeting and/or workshop the first week in September.

SENIOR NCO SURVEY – We would like all senior NCO’s (FSgt and up) to complete the short survey as mentioned in Teams. This will help us prepare next year’s command group and instructor team, as well as acknowledging anyone taking an early retirement. This link will be open until the end of July for input.

EMAILS – As we are moving to the Cadet 365 system, we will not be monitoring the 754cal@gmail.com account as frequently. Please check the staff directory on the Contact Us page for addresses for specific officers and CIs.

VACCINATION STATUS – While you do not need to be vaccinated to participate in our regular activities, any cadets who wish to participate in overnight activities such as Field Training Exercises will require 2 doses.

REGISTRATION IN SEPTEMBER – Registration for returning cadets is scheduled for Wednesday 14 September, and for new cadets on Wednesday 21 September.