17 Sep – Weekly Briefing

WED 21 SEP – NEW CADET REGISTRATION and SENIOR NCO MEETING – new recruits will have received a link for an online signup for this evening, which will include details of what to bring as far as documents go. Senior NCOs will be meeting to work on the training schedule and assignment of duties and positions. Any returning cadets that were not able to register on 14 Sep may register this evening, but there may be wait times due to the number of new cadets.

WED 28 SEP – FIRST REGULAR TRAINING NIGHT – all cadets, new and returning, will begin regular training from 6:30 pm (1830 hrs) to 9:15 pm (2115 hrs).

MON 3 OCT OR TUE 4 OCT (date to be confirmed) – FIRST BAND TRAINING NIGHT – returning cadets and new cadets interested in joining our Band are invited to come and start our training for the new year. Band will be on its regular night, Monday evenings, starting on Mon 17 Oct.

EMAILS – As we are moving to the Cadet 365 system, we will not be monitoring the 754cal@gmail.com account as frequently. Please check the staff directory on the Contact Us page for addresses for specific officers and CIs.