15 Nov – Weekly Briefing

This week we are late in updating as our Webmaster came down with a nasty bug after the Remembrance Day ceremony!

REMEMBRANCE DAY – Well done (BRAVO ZULU!) to all cadets who were at the ceremony on Friday. We had close to all of our returning cadets at the ceremony, and you represented the Squadron well. Special thanks to the Command Team, Drum Line, and Flag Party for making us look (and sound) so good.

HEALTH UPDATE – We are aware of a large amount of absenteeism in schools this week due to an outbreak of the flu. PLEASE DO NOT COME TO CADETS IF YOU ARE SICK! Let us know at this link if you can’t come.

ADJUSTMENT TO START OF TRAINING TIMES – effective Wed 16 Nov, senior cadets (level 5+) will arrive at 1820 hrs – we ask that all other cadets arrive between 1830 and 1840 hrs – we do not want cadets waiting outside in poor weather. Additionally, last week those waiting were very noisy and we do not want to bother the local community.


  • MON 14 NOV – BAND TRAINING – 1900-2100 hrs – dress is civilian clothes
  • WED 16 NOV – CADET FITNESS TRAINING – 1830-2130 hrs – this will be a fitness assessment evening – a requirement for all cadets – dress will be sports gear (in layers – change facilities are limited)
  • MON 21 NOV – BAND TRAINING – 1900-2100 hrs – dress is civilian clothes
  • WED 23 NOV – REGULAR TRAINING – 1820/1830-2130 hrs (see note above for time change) – winter dress (jacket, shirt, tie, parka if cold)