Virtual Event – 7 Mar

Cadets 15+ years old are welcome to attend the following virtual event on Tuesday evening, March 7.

We are pleased to bring you and your cadets the following opportunity for a virtual presentation on Tue 7 March 2023 to coincide with International Women’s Day (8 March 2023).  Please give this widest distribution to your cadets and staff.


Wed 8 Mar 2023 marks International Women’s Day.  In 2017, the Government of Canada signed the Elsie Initiative, a UN initiative which aims to increase meaningful participation of women in UN peace operations.

LCol Hope Carr is a CAF Army Reservist and was named one of Canada’s Top 20 Women in Defence in 2021.  She is the current Task Force Commander of Op PRESENCE, the CAF contribution to the Government of Canada’s peace operations strategy.  As part of Op PRESENCE / Elsie Initiative, LCol Carr deployed to Ghana between Oct 2022 and Feb 2023.  LCol Carr’s biography is attached.


The RCSU(PAC) Lower Mainland Area Office, in cooperation with the CAF Public Affairs Stakeholder Engagement Office Western Canada is pleased to offer a unique opportunity for cadets and CIC Officers to attend a virtual presentation by LCol Carr.  She will discuss her experiences in Ghana, the background of the Op PRESENCE mission, what the Elsie Initiative is, and the outlook for the mission. 


Tue 07 March 2023, 1900 – 2030 hrs (Pacific Standard Time)


  • Virtual Presentation – by MS Teams
    Join on your computer, mobile app or room device


This presentation is open to all cadets, CIC personnel and civilian instructors / volunteers.  However due to more complex subject matter it is primarily directed to attendees 15 years and older.

Any cadet of any element is welcome to attend and learn how the CAF is representing the Govt of Canada’s peace operations strategy and global diplomacy abroad. 


Please check on Teams General channel for information on registering.

Virtual participants are asked to register to help us determine an accurate estimate of attendee numbers.