(For all non-NSTC courses)

Every year, 754 Phoenix sends numerous cadets to attend summer training at various Cadet Training Centres (CTCs) across the country. While many cadets apply, we are limited to loading the number of cadets based on our quota. Therefore, there will be competition for the more popular courses. To ensure a higher chance of getting selected, you should make sure that:

  • your attendance is being recorded every training night, and that you report any lates or absences to the office (and on the website);
  • you are performing well in your classes and evaluations;
  • you are participating in activities outside mandatory training, including teams and community service events;
  • you are maintaining a high standard of Drill, Dress and Deportment; and
  • your overall behaviour meets or exceeds expectations

Based on the cadet’s proficiency level, he/she will be eligible for the following courses (see link below). 3 week courses run for the first 3 weeks of July, or the last week of July and first 2 weeks of August (there may be an online element for these), and 5 day and 2 week courses run at different times during July and mid-August. We have no control over the dates that we are assigned, so some flexibility is required on our families’ parts.