18 Oct – Weekly Briefing

Here’s our schedule and some notes. If you’re not sure about who is meeting virtually and who is in-person, check our Calendar under the What’s Happening? tab.


– in person training for Level 2 (Cpls) and Level 4 (Sgts) – arrive between 6:15-6:30 pm and pickup between 9:00-9:15 pm – go to gym doors

– online training for Level 1 (new cadets) and Level 3 (FCpls) – on Teams – be online by 6:45 pm – will end by 8:30 pm or so – check to see that you are still able to get onto Teams – your Level channel will have changed to your new level

– Level 1 cadets (new recruits) will be loaded onto a Team – please be patient as there can be computer issues getting on to Teams the first time


– in person training for Level 1 and Level 3 – online training for Level 2 and Level 4


  1. LEVEL 2 REFRESHER COURSE – there will be an in-person course for all returning cadets going into Level 2 this year, on Saturday 23 Oct at the school. Attendance is STRONGLY recommended. This will be in uniform (jacket, tie, shirt, etc). Any cadets that joined last year that were accelerated to higher levels should also attend.
  2. ONLINE PARENT ORIENTATION MEETING – this will be a Zoom meeting on Wednesday 3 Nov, at 7:00 pm. Parents of new cadets are especially welcome. Details will be sent closer to the date.
  3. PARKING – parents are NOT to drive onto school property to drop off or pick up cadets. Only staff are allowed to do so. Please make arrangements to pick up and drop off your cadets at the front of the school, or on the street behind the school.
  4. ABSENCES – if a cadet is going to be absent, please use the absence form here – do not call the Squadron or email.
  5. NEW REGISTRATIONS – we are continuing to accept registrations for new cadets, subject to our facility limits. Please check our post on registration from 8 September for more details.