29 Oct – Weekly Briefing

Our first Commanding Officer’s Parade of the year will be held on Wed 2 Nov. We will be awarding cadets Level badges for cadets completing levels at the end of last training year. Parents of Level 2 and up cadets are welcome to attend (there will not be any presentation to Level 1 cadets), but please be aware that we will have very limited seating. We ask those attending to be at the gym by 2030 hrs (8:30 pm).

REMEMBRANCE DAY – 754 Squadron will be participating in the Port Moody Remembrance Day ceremony on Friday 11 November. We have been asked to provide a sentinel for the Cenotaph in front of the Legion as well. It is expected that all cadets, including recruits, attend this parade. We will be meeting at the school around 0900 hrs to issue jackets to new cadets, then will make our way to Kyle Centre for the ceremony. We should be done by approximately 1145 hrs. Parents are welcome to observe the ceremony, but please be advised parking is limited.


  • MON 31 OCT – BAND TRAINING CANCELLED DUE TO HALLOWE’EN – for the safety of our community, we will not hold Band, to keep traffic away from the school
  • WED 2 NOV – REGULAR TRAINING NIGHT & CO’S PARADE – 1820-2130 hrs – dress is WINTER DRESS – jacket, shirt, and tie – CO’s parade will start at 2030 hrs – level 2+ parents are invited to attend (space is limited) – Level badges will be presented to all cadets who finished their training in June
  • FRI 4 NOV to SUN 6 NOV – SENIOR FTX – Level 5 cadets will be headed to Chilliwack for a refresher in how to run a Field Training Exercise after taking 3 years off
  • MON 7 NOV – BAND TRAINING – 1900-2100 hrs – dress is civilian clothes
  • WED 9 NOV – LEVEL 5 WORKSHOP – 1830-2130 hrs – only Level 5 cadets present (no regular training for Levels 1 to 4)
  • FRI 11 NOV – REMEMBRANCE DAY CEREMONY – 0900-1200 hrs – all cadets will meet in the undercover area at the school and will proceed to the Cenotaph at St John’s and Kyle for the ceremony – dress for the weather